Redhill, Surrey


We began our property journey in 2017 when we joined a property franchise based in Bournemouth with an aim to provide sophisticated shared-living accommodation for working professionals. We believe that being a landlord is more than just providing rooms, it’s about creating a contemporary community that our tenants can call home. 

Redhill Living does exactly that! It provides stylish and affordable living in the local area. Our properties are located a short walk from the vibrant town centre and within easy reach to the train station, bus routes and Gatwick airport. Each property has undergone a complete make-over by professionals and we operate under HMO licensing requirements.

Dedicated to the community, we believe in supporting professionals in their journey. We understand the difficulties associated with housing so we have created the next best thing! Our shared-living concept is an affordable yet sophisticated way for professionals to live. We take great care in providing a safe, enjoyable and friendly place one can call home.

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